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Top Useful Microsoft Word Add-in

Word add-ins are one of the many development options that you have on the Office Add-ins platform. You can use add-in commands to extend the Word UI and launch task panes that run JavaScript that interacts with the content in a Word document. Any code that you can run in a browser can run in a Word add-in.

Microsoft Word (2019, 2016, or Microsoft 365) can help you design virtually every kind of professional document - from a simple office memo to a Kindle e-book. But sometimes you could use a bit of extra oomph in your Word documents. That’s where a roster of excellent and mostly free Microsoft Word add-ins can help.

How to Download Add-ins

1. Go to the Insert > Add-Ins > Get Add-Ins.

2. Use the Store pane to browse for add-ins and install them. All installed add-ins will be listed under My Add-Ins.

3. Give your permission to Microsoft and allow the installation to proceed.

Useful Microsoft Word Add-ins


This useful add-in provides definitions to abbreviations you find in a document. To do so, just open right within Word, select the abbreviation that you would like to know more about, and wait for the add-in window to display its exact definition.

2. Copyleaks Plagiarism Checker

The cloud based app uses its algorithms to scan any document and ensure its integrity. Copyleaks also supports multiple languages. The Word add-in allows you to scan 10 pages a month for free. If you are a heavy user, then go for an additional purchase.

3. Consistency Checker

The add-in scans your document for hyphenation, variations in spelling, common typos and abbreviations. It’s an easy way to find mistakes in your document that Word’s built-in grammar and spelling checking tool wouldn’t find.

4. Docusign for work

DocuSign allows you to electronically sign and send a document without having to leave Microsoft Word.

5. Dictionary

The Merriam Webster Dictionary Is a great addition to the thesaurus built into Word, letting you research a word or phrase in the document you are reading. The add-in is also a handy tool whenever you want to make sure a word or phrase you are using in a document is correct when editing.

6. Emoji Keyboard

Microsoft Word add-ins shouldn’t be all sober and somber. Why not give it a bit of color with the Emoji Keyboard. After all, emojis are stuck to our digital tongues. And this keyboard gives you 1300 to choose from. There’s also a skin tone modifier if you have to send a culturally sensitive message.

7. Font Finder

This plugin organizes the most suitable fonts so you can conveniently apply them to your Word document without having to leave the application.

8. Handy Calculator

The Handy Calculator can be used right within Word to obtain a figure, calculate project hours or to carry out general arithmetic operations without having to leave the document. Needless to say Handy Calculator is true to its name.

9. Lucidchart Diagrams for work

Lucidchart is a free add-in for Microsoft Word with which you can make diagrams, charts and mockups to the next level, spicing up your document with visually compelling graphics.

10. MyScript Math Sample

Use the side panel to write an equation with a finger, stylus, or the mouse. The add-in supports more than 200 symbols. Thanks to real-time handwriting recognition, your input is instantly converted to a clear typed equation. It just feels more intuitive, and you can combine it with Word’s own equation features.

11. Office QR

Office QR lets you create or insert a QR code into your document to link to contact details, a website or a file. Once you have created the QR code, you can use the default editing features in Word to adjust the size and location of the code.

12. Pro Word Cloud

Pro Word Cloud can be used to create visually compelling word clouds from the text elements in your Word document.

13. Pickit

Pickit is a stock illustration site that can complement your documents with beautiful photos and clipart. PowerPoint designs aside, you can create impactful Word documents too by breaking up text with a photo that sends a visual message.

14. PDF Filter

Word can open PDF files and even edit them. But it’s not perfect as lines and pages can break. PDFFiller opens a fillable, printable PDF in its own editor from OneDrive. Edit, sign, and share the files again from the same window within Word.

15. Read my Document

Read My Document is a text to speech converter that reads your Microsoft Office documents aloud. It can be an invaluable editing aid when you are proofreading a document. Pick a voice and the speech speed to begin. Alternatively, you can multitask by letting it read a document while you do something else. But don’t use it for confidential documents as the engine can send data over the internet.

16. Symbol Search

Symbol Search allows you to search for and find symbols to insert into your document in a handy way. Displaying symbols by category, you can use the add-in to conveniently search for symbols by keywords.

17. Set Maps

Maps for Office creates Google maps directly within your Word document. The app comes with a price tag of $3.49, but you can check out a free version.

18. Translator

The add-in is powered by Microsoft Translator and helps you translate words and sentences in a document by either highlighting text in the document or entering it into the add-in window. The add-in will automatically detect the language and translate it into the destination language.

19. Vertex43 Template Gallery

Vertex42 specializes in templates for Word and Excel and it shows in the variety they offer.

The collection of 431 documents is organized in neat categories that cover personal, educational, and professional templates.

20. Wikipedia

This add-in allows you to access relevant information to a certain topic from right within your Word document using a task pane for easy navigation.

21. Word Training and Tips

This add-in gives you access to GoSkills “how-to” cheat sheets from the popular Microsoft Word course. Get handy step by step instructions on formatting, styles, and more, right within your Word document.

22. Writing Assistant

Writing Assistant is an artificial intelligence powered text checker that flags errors in your grammar. It claims to adapt to your context and offer suggestions.

23. Wood Pecker

Legal documents should always be standardized. It makes it not only easier to understand them, but also saves a lot of time when you need to reuse them. Woodpecker is an easy to use add-in that removes the chore of re-creating legal docs everytime you need to change a minor detail. Woodpecker also promises secure document management and collaboration with your own account. Project managers can try this add-in to enhance the role of their Word templates.

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