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Microsoft AI - Let's Begin


Microsoft is a popular platform for devices and provides an innovative learning platform from the beginner's level to advanced. Let's begin this new article with Microsoft Artificial Intelligence. Today, we have more power at our fingertips than the entire generation before us. The great thing about this AI is the possibility, adaptability, and capability. Just imagine a person without a hammer, a person without a paper; it's not the technology, but it's us behind all this automation. It's our voice, but AI is a microphone, we are the artist but AI is a paintbrush. We are always thinking about the future and dreams. Within this Mixed Reality world, AI is the best tool to empower us.

Microsoft AI Learn

We will explore Artificial Intelligence in the topics regarding AI Business School, AI School, AI Lab, and Experienced AI.

AI Business School

Business uses some crucial terms like strategy, responsibility, and confidence.

  • Defining an AI Strategy in your organization establishes a framework for thinking strategically.

  • Drives the key changes that are necessary to become an AI-ready organization with solutions for finance, marketing, sales, and customer services to enable AI-Ready Culture.

  • Responsible AI in business explores the implications of AI in business. It develops guidelines to develop a governance model with resources, best practices, and tools.

  • Confidence gets the leading power in the business. For business leaders, AI technologies dive into the latest advancements in AI tools, products, and services that can be leveraged by organizations.

To create real business value and realize the true transformational power of AI in the enterprise, leaders need to have a deep understanding of all the strategic components.

Manufacturing, Retail, Healthcare, Financial Services, Government, and Education.

AI School

If you are completely new or a professional who dreams of reaching your goals, then AI school is the best place to find information, learning materials, and platforms to build an intellectual empire towards the future. There are numerous resources to learn AI, let's explore these ones by one.

Conversational AI: this is used to create delightful bot interactions in your apps and other channels. Either choosing industrial bot or intelligent bot, we can build a chatbot according to our needs and purposes with the available resources and requirements. I personally like to go with an intelligent bot. Let's create a quick and simple bot using Microsoft Azure.

Create a Bot resource in Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure has a Bot Service which is connected with the building and hosting bots. It fetches the Microsoft Bot Framework for the basic functions and Azure Web Apps to host these bots. Here, we will see how to host our bot using Azure Web App and by using Direct Line Channel to integrate the Web Chat with the bot service.

Follow these steps,


Log into the Azure Portal.


In the Azure Services tab choose Create Resources and Search for Web App Bot.

Click on the Create Button.


Fill the details as shown in the below fields:

  • Bot name: chatbot-botD; botD is the name according to your choice

  • Create a new resource group with a name: ttmb-lab-botD

  • Location: West US

  • Pricing Per Tier: F0 (10K Premium Message)

  • App Name: It's a unique URL name of the Bot. Here I have chosen chatbot-botD. Again at the place od botD, you can change the name as per your choice.

  • Bot Template: Choose Basic Bot C#: These bot services have language, understanding, and Bot Analytics.

  • LUIS App Location: West US 2

  • LUIS Accounts: botD

  • Azure Storage: Create a new one with the name:

  • Application Insights Location: West US 2

  • Application Insight: On

Finally, choose create, and check if the deployment has succeeded.


Go to All Resources and search for chatbot-botD


Click on Web App Bot to Open and Select on Test in Web Chat.


Type hello and get a quick response from your bot.

Check this image to get an overview of these last three steps.

This is a very simple example of AI with bot-to-people interaction. For more details, choose the Overview tab of the chatbot-botD, select the URL, and copy and paste to a new browser tab or window.

See these two images:

In this URL we can see the App Name. There is a message that your bot is ready. Go through the steps on how to build a bot. This is how we can build our Intelligent Bot.

Here, we have chosen Microsoft Azure to create Bot. Apart from this, we can go with Python, Javascript, and Visual Studio to do the same thing.

Reference Link -

Moreover, in the AI School, you can go through Path Builder and learn any of the technology that's integrated with AI.


In this article, I introduced the Artificial Intelligence by using its key formats, such as AI Learn, AI Business School, AI School. Also, we integrated a chatbot within Microsoft Azure by following the AI/Machine Learning Resources.

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