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Maps in Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Power Map for Excel is a three-dimensional (3-D) data visualization tool that lets you look at information in new ways. A power map lets you discover insights you might not see in traditional two-dimensional (2-D) tables and charts.

With Power Map, you can plot geographic and temporal data on a 3-D globe or custom map, show it over time, and create visual tours you can share with other people.

Below are some of the Advantages to use Maps in Excel.

  • Plot more than a million rows of data visually on Bing maps in 3-D format from an Excel table or Data Model in Excel.

  • Gain new understandings by viewing your data in geographic space and seeing time-stamped data change over time.

  • Capture screenshots and build cinematic, guided video tours you can share broadly, engaging audiences like never before. Or export tours to video and share them that way as well.


Open Excel. Click INSERT -> 3D Map -> Open 3D Maps. Click on 3D Map button.

After Clicking on 3D Map button, below image will appear.

1. Map Labels

To Label the Map, Click on Map Labels.

Map Label options is used to label the globe which makes it easily understandable and easy to plot the data etc.

2. Flat Map

If you want to flatten the map and want to locate or to plot the particular area, then you can use flat map option. The Image will look like below:

3. Find Location

If You want to find our current location or geographical area, Click on FIND LOCATION. You just need to type your ZIP code.

When you will type your ZIP code, particular area will appear. For Example, I have entered ZIP code 560087 which is of Bangalore, Karnataka. My Geographical area will appear.

4. Custom regions

You can Customize your map according to your requirements, usage and needs.


Themes in Maps is used to portrays the geographic pattern of a particular subject matter in a geographic area. This usually involves the use of map symbols to visualize selected properties of geographic features that are not naturally visible, such as temperature, language, or population.

In Excel, we have 12 different types of Themes which are as below:

  1. Power Maps

  2. Aerial Color

  3. Aerial Dark

  4. Color Grey

  5. Color Black

  6. Mono White

  7. Color White

  8. Radiate

  9. Earthy

  10. Modern

  11. Organic

  12. High Contrast

Power Maps

Aerial Color

Aerial Dark

Color Grey

Color Black

Mono White

Color White





High contrast

For any further information or any queries, let us know we will help you.

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