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Kiswe Discusses Partnership With Big Hit Entertainment Ahead of BTS' 'Bang Bang Con: The Live'

Fans will be able to self-produce their own BTS concert in the comfort of their own homes this weekend thanks to a new partnership between Big Hit Entertainment and Kiswe Mobile.

Big Hit, the South Korean company behind BTS and TXT, and live streaming solution company Kiswe Mobile have and signed a memorandum of understanding [MOU] that will see the two media entities teaming up to bring dynamic live music events directly to audiences during the era of social distancing.

Announced today (June 8) ahead of BTS's Bang Bang Con: The Live concert event on June 14, the day after the septet's seventh anniversary, fans will be able to purchase access to Kiswe through Big Hit’s Weverse app ahead of the event. During it, members of BTS's fan ARMY from across the world will have a heightened experience that includes features such as interactive regional chats and “choosing their own seat” via different viewing options. There will also be elements that will engage the members of BTS in turn to make it feel like a socially distanced intimate experience, with a connection between artist and audience in emulation of traditional live concert events.

“It gives BTS an opportunity to engage with their audience around the world in a really unique way, and make the audience feel recognized, that their contributions matter,” says Kiswe CEO Mike Schabel. “In partnering with [Big Hit], the thing that I love is that they’re so focused on their fans in a way that is just disruptive. They don’t take anything for granted, and I think that’s why they’re such an ideal partner for us, because we are all about fan engagement and transforming the experience.”

Bang Bang Con was announced in May after the act's 2020 Map of the Soul tour was postponed in April due to the global coronavirus pandemic.

Schabel kept some elements of the Kiswe-coordinated Bang Bang Con experience to himself, but said confidently that it will make ARMY and BTS, feel like they’re experiencing an enhanced take on typical at-home concert experiences. “There’s nothing worse than when you’re at home and nobody hears you passionately supporting the band. That kind of sucks. You’re really excited and you can share it with nobody. And we really felt like the key to transform all of this is to recognize the fan in the equation and to bring that home to them, and bring that to BTS so BTS can call them out. I think that this will bring about a new wave of at-home digital concerts.”

Though Kiswe has supported many live events before, including NBA games and Sheryl Crow concerts, Schabel says the strategic partnership with Big Hit comes at a time when music audiences more than ever need to feel as if they can engage with virtual concert during social isolation, and there will be more collaborations between the two companies beyond this weekend’s concert.

“This MOU opens the possibility for diversified innovation in the global market by combining Big Hit’s contents and planning expertise with Kiswe’s technology,” says Big Hit’s Global CEO Lenzo Yoon. “Big Hit’s philosophy puts our fans’ needs as the top priority. Maximizing the synergy of our partnership, we will develop and provide services that our customers want.”

“It’s safe to say this isn’t a one off event,” confirms Schabel.




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