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Introducing Security And Compliance Center on SharePoint Office 365

Welcome to an article on the introduction of the Security and Compliance center on SharePoint Office 365. Everyone was awaiting this, as many had issues as to how they would be able to control security and compliance in their tenant admin center and Microsoft responded.

The Security and Compliance center, though it is new now and will ad many more features for days to come, currently promises the most important aspects we require in our current scenarios.

Let’s see together what it has.

If you are a tenant administrator, open your Office portal and click on “Security & Compliance”

You will reach your security and compliance center.

Let’s see what it offers now.

1. Security policies

You can configure Data loss prevention (DLP) policies to manage your organization’s information across various locations in all the sites or one drive.

This policy can be either from any Finance or Medical act, or you can create your own custom policies for your organization and secure the documents.

2. Data management

You can control your data management here by setting up a retention policy or by enabling online archiving.

Retention policy assists to get the old content deleted after a certain period of time. In a similar way you can enable the online archiving which will take less space but will still be viewable to all users in the archive section which they can bring back to their current section.

3. Search & Navigation

Here you can search your content from everywhere on Office 365: your mailbox, SharePoint, Skype, One Drive and other sources from your tenant admin center.

You can also enable the activity logs which will help you to search for admin and user’s activity on the tenant admin center.

4. Service assurance

This is something very important. You can provide your region and the nature of the industry and Microsoft will make sure you have service assurance related to the region and nature of the industry.

As I told you, we all have queries about whether our data is safe on cloud servers in different regions, or whether you are adhering to all the policies based on regions. You don’t have to worry, Microsoft will reassure you.

We had our own Security and Compliance center on our Office 365 tenant center. We will see each of them deep into their scenarios in my other articles, until then keep reading and keep learning.



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