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Introducing OneDrive On Your Office 365 SharePoint Sites

Yes, now you have OneDrive that you can access directly from your SharePoint sites. You don’t have to login again or use a link to open. It’s attached to your profile.

Let’s see how?

Click the apps section on the top left corner and click “OneDrive”.

You will see the new screenshot, shown below:

Let’s see from the top bar. You have the “New” function.

When you click New, it gives you an option to create the multiple files as per the screenshot, shown below and save it to your OneDrive directly.

Next, we have “Upload” function to upload the files and folder to your drive directly.

Next, we see the “Sync” button, which allows you to synchronize your OneDrive with the other devices.

You can also download the app to your device and synchronize the same OneDrive profile.

Let’s see the left navigation on our OneDrive profile.

  • Files - Here you can view all the files on your drive.

  • Recent - Here you can see your recent files which you have created/modified.

  • Shared with me - Here you can see the files which are shared with you by other users.

  • Recycle bin - View to your bin.


  • Create a group by clicking o the “Create Groups” option.

  • You will see the dialog box, as shown below:

1. Name - Provide a name to the group.

2. Description - A description for the group.

3. Privacy - Here, under privacy; you can either make the group public for anyone to see - what is inside the group as in the members and documents or make it private for only the members to see inside the group.

4. Language - You can choose a language for the group.

Once you fill in all the details, click Create. It will ask you to add the members to the group.

Once you add the members to the group, the group will be created as per the screenshot, shown below:

On the group, you can share your files, your events on the calendars; you can have conversations and a lot more. We will see the features of the group in my next article.



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