Introducing Central Administration Of SharePoint 2016

Welcome to an article on Central Administration of SharePoint 2016. Here, we will see how the Central Admin controls SharePoint sites from the back-end.

How do we access the Admin portal?

When you install and configure SharePoint on your machine or Server, it creates a Central Administration site. This site is a place where you control all the options and features of SharePoint sites. 

Central Admin helps us control the user activities. It controls even the activities of the site owners, which help us in protecting the environment and keeping it secure. This helps us to activate or deactivate the configurations and features through all the Web Applications, site collections, and sites; thereby, saving time and efforts.

a. Let’s open Central Admin of the SharePoint in your machine. Click "Start" in your Windows, select Administrative Tools, and then click SharePoint 2016 Central Administration.

b. Run it as an administrator to have elevated privileges.

You will see the screen below.