Insights into the .NET Multi-Platform App UI — MAUI

Microsoft’s latest cross-platform offering .NET MAUI is the next generation of Xamarin.Forms and is the evolution of Xamarin.Forms toolkit. .NET MAUI (.NET Multi-platform App UI) will bring commendable consistency to the developer experience and enable innovative and new experiences for developers.

Some of the main goals of .NET MAUI are modernizing and improving the design capabilities of the application and extending the applications from mobile platforms to desktop platforms starting with macOS and Windows.

Highlights of .NET MAUI

  • Cross-Platform, Native UI

  • Single Project, Single Codebase

  • Deploy to multiple devices, mobile & desktop

Installation of .NET MAUI Check Tool

Run the below command in the terminal to install .NET MAUI Check Tool

dotnet tool install -g

Once NET MAUI Check Tool installation is completed, run the below-mentioned command in the terminal to install all prerequisites that are required for .NET MAUI development.


The tool will check for

  • OpenJdk / AndroidSDK

  • .NET 6 Preview SDK

  • .NET MAUI Templates

Whenever the tool prompts to “Attempt to fix?”, type ‘y’ to continue.

After successful installation, Press enter to exit.

Single Project for multi Platform