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How to trigger a Microsoft Flow from PowerApps form

  • First create a Microsoft Flow that you want to trigger when the button will be clicked in PowerApps form.

a. While creating that work flow select “Blank Template” to create new Flow.

b. Make “PowerApps” as the trigger of the flow.

c. In the get item block provide “Site Address” and the “List Name” and for the id select “Ask in PowerApps” and it will create a PowerApps variable “Getitem_id” which will be passed by PowerApps.

d. Rename the Flow convenient to your design.

  • Now add new button in your screen and rename that as per your need.

  • Now by this button click we will save the item and then trigger the flow that we have created.

a. First select the button and from the top navigation select “OnSelect” event of the button.

b. In the “OnSelect” event put the value “SubmitForm(NewForm)” which will help to save the document then use “;” to put the second statement.

c. In the top navigation select “Action” then select Flow” and then from the right navigation select the flow that you want to trigger.

  • After adding the flow, it will require the item id to pass to the method. Id will be found by the “NewForm. LastSubmit. ID”. For the Edit form use “EditForm. LastSubmit. ID”.

  • After all these set up is ready we need to save and publish our form to reflect to the list form. And to do so follow the below steps. 

a. Click “File” from top navigation. 

b. Click “Save”. “Publish to SharePoint” button will be visible. 

c. Click “Publish to SharePoint”

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