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How to Remove “Workflow Notification” Text in NINTEX Email Notification


I have created a NINTEX workflow attached to a SharePoint list in which I added a “Send a Notification” activity to send an email. The email body content contains the Orange line and “Workflow Notification” text as shown below. In this article you will see how to remove the orange line and “Workflow Notification” text from the email body content.


  • Navigate to the SharePoint site.

  • Click on Site Actions and then click on Site Settings.

  • Click on the Message Templates link that is available under NINTEX Workflow section.

  • You can remove the content from the Notification Header and Notification Footer section. 

  • Click on Ok.

  • The Orange line and the “Workflow Notification” text will be removed successfully from the email body content.


Thus in this article you saw how to remove the Orange line and “Workflow Notification” text in NINTEX email notification.



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