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How To Provide Ownership To Your Site Collection In SharePoint Office 365

Here are the steps,

  • On the SharePoint Admin Center, select the site collection you want to assign ownership and click on Owners.

  • You will find two options under Owners,

A. Manage Administrator. B. Add Support Partner

  • Let’s see ”Manage Administrators” first.

The administrators are divided into two,

1. Primary Site Collection Administrator 2. Site Collection Administrators

1. Primary Site Collection Administrator

Here you can assign only one user as a primary site collection administrator and no groups can be added. This user will have the highest level of access on the site collection.

2. Site Collection Administrators

Here you can assign access to multiple users and they will have full control over all the websites on this site collection.

  • Secondly we have “Add Support Partner”.

Here you can choose a partner to be your root web administrator of your site collection. Here we have two options as Microsoft as Tenant Admins or Helpdesk Admins.

These are the two ways to provide ownership on the site collection through the Admin Center.

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