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How to insert Equations and Symbols into a page in OneNote

OneNote contains features such as Equations and Symbols. The Equation feature is used to add math equations to the page, and the purpose of the Symbol is to add symbols. The Equation and Symbol feature contains various equations and symbols you can choose from to add to your page.

What are the Equation and Symbol features in OneNote

  • Equation: Add a common mathematical equation to your documents, such as the area of a circle or the quadratic formula. You can also build your equations using the library of math symbols and structure.

  • Symbols: Add symbols to your document that is not on the keyboard. You can choose a variety of symbols such as mathematical, currency, and copyright symbols.

How to create & insert Equations in OneNote

On the Insert tab in the Symbols group, click Equations.

From the list, choose an equation.

An Equation tab will appear on the menu bar; if you click out of the equation box on the page, the Equation tab will disappear.

Also, if you click More Equations, A Equation tab will appear on the menu bar.

More Equation is when you want to input more equations on your page separate from the other equation.

On the Equation tab, click the Equation button in the Tools group to add more equations to the page.

If you choose to select the Ink to Math button, an Insert Ink Equation dialog box will open.

The Ink to Math feature allows the user to insert mathematical equations using their handwriting.

Draw an Equation into the blank page within the dialog box.

There are features in the box to Write, Erase, Select and Correct and Clear Data.

Then click Insert.

Also, there are features such as Professional, Linear, and Normal Text in the Tool section.

The Professional feature converts selection into a 2- dimensional form for a professional display.

The Linear feature converts selection into a 1- dimensional form for easy editing.

The Normal Text feature uses non-math text in the region.

In the Symbols group, there is a Math Symbol gallery you can choose various math symbols.

On the equation tab, we have the Structures group, where you can input equations into your pages, such as Fractions, Script, Radical, Integral, Large Operator, Bracket, Function, Accent, Limit and Log,

Operator, and Matrix.

How to add Symbols in OneNote

On the Insert tab, click Symbol in the Symbols group.

From the list, choose a symbol or click More Symbols to see more.

A Symbol dialog box will pop up displaying various symbols you can choose from.

You also change the Font and Subset. The Subsets are categories of symbols.

At the bottom of the dialog box, you will see the symbols that are recently used, the Character Code, and a list box where you can choose to select Unicode (hex), ASCII (Decimal), ASCII(hex).

To enter a Symbol into the page, click a Symbol and click Insert.

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