How To Implement PWA Using Angular

Implement PWA using Angular

Ahead-of-Time(AOT) compilation

One way to make an Angular app load faster is to run its compiler under the AOT. i.e. the compiler only runs once during the build step only; the app does not need to compile when trying to load it in browser.

With Angular-cli, it is as simple as writing one command line statement.

ng build - -prod - -aot

And that’s it. Now, just run and check it, which will make your application 50% faster and also reduce the bundle size to 45% . Isn’t it awesome guys!!!

Service Worker

It is an entirely separate script file that runs in the background of your browser. We first need to register service worker before using it. We can do that by simply putting the below script into html.

[code language=”html”]  
<!doctype html>