How to Create/Update/Delete SharePoint 2010 list items using Client Object Model

In this article we are going to see how to create, update and delete SharePoint 2010 list items using Client Object Model.

I have created one list named as Test in the SharePoint 2010 site with one column "Title". I will be creating Console Application using Visual Studio 2010 to do create, update and delete methods.

Create List Item:

  • Go to Visual Studio 2010.

  • Go to File => New => Project.

  • Select Console Application and name it as CreateListItem.

  • Click Add.

  • Add the references Microsoft.SharePoint.dll and Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.dll.

using System; using System.Collections.Generic; using System.Linq; using System.Text; using Microsoft.SharePoint; using Microsoft.SharePoint.Client; namespace CreateListItem { class Program { static void Main(string[] args) { string siteUrl = "http://servername:39130/"; ClientContext clientContext = new ClientContext(siteUrl); List oList = clientContext.Web.Lists.GetByTitle("Test"); ListItemCreationInformation listCreationInformation = newListItemCreationInformation(); ListItem oListItem = oList.AddItem(listCreationInformation); oListItem["Title"] = "Item1"; oListItem.Update(); clientContext.ExecuteQuery(); } } }

  • Hit F5.

  • Go to the SharePoint list "Test" and you could see a new item is added.