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How to Create Site Using NINTEX Workflow in SharePoint

In this article you will see how to create a site using NINTEX workflow in SharePoint.


In this article you will see how to create a site using NINTEX workflow in SharePoint. I have created a custom list named "Site Provisioning" in which I have the following columns:

The Title column is used to specify the site Title and Description columns to be used to specify the site description.

Create site creation workflow

  • Navigate to the Site Provisioning list.

  • Click on the List tab and then click on Workflow Settings.

  • Click on Create a Workflow in Nintex Workflow.

  • Click on Cancel.

  • Drag and drop the Create site action from the Provisioning section.

  • You will be able to see the warning symbol in the workflow action, click on that; you will see the following warning message.

  • Click on Configure from the drop down list in the Create site action.

  • Click on the Insert Reference button for the Title column and then click on Item Properties tab. Select Title and then click on Ok.

  • Similarly select the Description item property for the Description column.

  • Click on the Select a parent site link to select the parent site where the sites should be created.

  • In the URL column select the Title item property as mentioned in Step 8.

  • Select the site template and other options as you require.

  • Click on Save.

  • Click on Workflow Settings in the ribbon interface.

  • Enter the Name and select Yes for Start when items are created.

  • Click on Save.

Publish the workflow

  • Click on the Publish button in the ribbon interface.

  • Ensure the Title is set; optionally you can set the values for Description and Change Comments. Click on the Submit button.

  • The workflow is published successfully.

Test the workflow:

  • Navigate to the Site Provisioning list.Create a new item.

  • The Create Site workflow will be started once the item is created.After a few minutes the workflow status will be changed to Completed.

  • A new site is created successfully.


Thus in this article you have seen how to create a new site using a NINTEX workflow in SharePoint.



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