How to Check if SharePoint Group Exists Using NINTEX Workflow

In this article you will see how to check if a SharePoint group exists using a NINTEX workflow.


In this article you will see how to check if the group exists in SharePoint site using NINTEX workflow. We will be using the web service "_vti_bin/usergroup.asmx" to check if the group exists in the SharePoint site. I have created a custom list named "Group Exists" in which I have the following columns:

The Group Name column specifies the group for which we will check if it exists in the site and the IsGroupExists column specifies the Boolean value.

Workflow Design

Group exists workflow

  • Navigate to the Group Exists list.

  • Click on the "List" tab and then click on "Workflow Settings".Click on "Create a Workflow" in Nintex Workflow.

  • Click on "Cancel".

  • Drag and drop the "Call web service" action from the Integration section.

  • You will then see the warning symbol in the workflow action.

  • Click on that and then you will be seeing the following warning message.

  • Click on "Configure" from the drop down list in the call web service action.

  • Click on the "Insert Reference" button for the URL column and then click on the "Common" tab. Select "Web URL" and then click on "Ok".