How To Add Test Data For SharePoint Online Using Test Data App


Sometimes, there are situations when we need to add some test data to our SharePoint Online List and Library. This is a boring job to add the test data to a document library. Even for testers, it is a very tedious task.

In this article, we will learn how we can test so many meaningful test data for SharePoint Online. We can use one third party app for it.

Please check this URL for this third-party app from SharePoint Online.

As per the guidelines - using this app, we can add the following dummy data for various categories.

  • Document Libraries

  • Asset Libraries

  • Calendars

  • Discussions

  • ContactsLinks

  • ListTasks

  • Custom Lists

  • Wikis

Now, let’s check how to use this application.

Note Make sure of one thing – You must have Site Collection Administrator rights in order to install this app.

Step 1