How the Growth of AI changes Customer Support Experience

The growth of AI changes customer support experience this year by rapidly transforming the way companies interact with their prospects and customers. An exclusive MIT Technology Review Insights’ survey of over 1000 business leaders, “The global AI agenda,” noted that customer success and service is the area where AI deployment is highly active. By 2022, 73% of respondents said it will remain the leading area of AI use in companies. Artificial intelligence has become a reality that is impacting the world on a daily basis and the most effective ways to harness AI is through customer service and support- the fast 24/7 functionality of AI to solve customer queries any time of the day. AI is hugely impacting every business and transforming business processes from data collection to customer onboarding and retention. It saves time, cost and is highly meaningful in terms of returns to the customer and client. Customer service is the root of any digital transformation and with AI in it, one can improve everyday experiences for customers. Gartner once declared that 89% of businesses will compete only on customer experience in a battlefield.

Need for AI in Customer Support Experience

Artificial intelligence can be useful to provide convenient, informed experience throughout the customer journey. Data insights are supremely useful in any company and with artificial intelligence, there is a customer dataset enhancement. AI can make the whole process clear, unleash value, and hand hold data to customer success agents or sales personnel. AI can mine customer data from far reaches like product usage, account management, logistics, billing, promotions, pre-purchase period, post-purchase period, surveys, and even online queries. Impactful insights often ignored by the team can be extracted to deliver a superior quality customer experience. Taking advantage of technology is highly important for quality online presence. You need to make sure your business is highly adaptable to digital transformation. Customer service experience can be impacted heavily if AI and machine learning make an entry. But let’s see three important features of AI in customer service.

Features of AI in Customer Service

  1. Efficiency Companies have invested in AI to improve efficiency, decrease complaint resolution times in Customer support. Top organizations have also looked to connect with customers seamless and provide a personalised experience. Experience is the ultimate differentiator between brands. AI facilitates quick transfer of information, right and rapid resolution and creates interactions that feel personalised.

  2. Building connectivity AI algorithms lead to better connectivity, cross device sync and collaboration between data sets and make it easier for organisations to connect across cloud platforms. AI also makes it easier to connect to technologies, CRM systems, contact centres and more.

  3. Empowering self-service AI eliminates the need to wait. Imagine, being ‘on hold’ for the next 30 minutes. It simply has changed customer success equations by answering common questions in a jiffy. This leaves a happy, satisfied customer and agents who are available to handle more complex queries. It doesn’t even get upset and gives customers the feeling of ‘self-help’ which is highly loved and intuitive.

9 AI Trends in Customer Support

Here are some important AI trends to look forward that will change the face of customer success and support:

1. Simple Solutions to Everyday Issues

Poor customer service can have grave ramifications to any business. Any failure to meet customer service expectations and requests with accuracy and friendliness can cost companies billions. Therefore, customer service agents are mainly AI driven. To deliver in less time with high resolution capabilities that can increase customer satisfaction scores. Since AI agents are built with language understanding capabilities, they can reinforce learning in a better manner and communicate faster. It reduces the time taken to answer simple questions or queries.

2. Chatbot Evolution

Chatbots are so common that even we interact with them frequently. A simple popup on a computer screen shows the company or brand is willing to answer questions. Chatbots have driven solutions to save time as well as cut costs.

Though chatbots lack contextual awareness and emotion. The benefit is high as they answer most customer queries and continue to impact our lives. Alexa and Google Assistant are now hugely popular and are