How 5G Will Unleash AI

Woman's hand using smartphone against illuminated financial district in the city, with the concept of 5G Communication Technology.

When it comes to the 5G roll-out, AI will definitely be supercharged.

“AI is a huge priority,” said John Smee, who is the VP of engineering and head of 5G R&D for Qualcomm. “We are seeing at transformation happening, with AI going from the cloud to being distributed, such as on the edge or IoT devices.”

In preparation for this, Qualcomm has been embedding AI capabilities on its chips. Note that its AI engine has applications for cameras, battery life, security and gaming—allowing for neural network processing. 

“5G will cause a proliferation in sensors all around us, and each one of those sensors is a new input available to create better models,” said Jake Moskowitz, who is the Head of the Emodo Institute at Ericsson Emodo. “Many of these 5G sensors will directly enable vast data aggregation for remote monitoring and immediate reaction. In some cases, there will be opportunities to use those sensors as AI inputs. In other cases, there will be new AI efforts that require the distribution of new sensors.”

All this is certainly exciting and there will be many opportunities for innovation. So then what types of applications might we see with AI because of the 5G megatrend?

Let’s take a look:

Sanyogita Shamsunder, VP of 5G Ecosystems and Technology Innovation at Verizon: