Hover Image Effects in CSS

We all love transitions, they personally make my heart skip a beat. I never get tired of watching them, especially as I’ve known the web since about 10 years ago. CSS has come a long way, technology and browsers have been enhanced, when put together it enables visualizations within the browser. Here is a hand-picked list of great effects that are available for free around the web.


The iHover resource provides many examples of how you can use CSS against an image to give it that little extra pizzazz. The tiny library comes without any dependencies meaning its ready to download and go! Be sure to check the very first examples on the page, namely the Circle demos. They boast multi-colored borders and change as you move your mouse over. There are around 35 examples, both as a circle and square designs to view and of course, if you love any of them, there is a how to use guide.

Resource URL: iHover


ImageHover.io comes equipped with an MIT License. This means it is free to use for your own projects, yay! Moreover, the resource has a more modernized approach to show off CSS3’s superpowers. The 19kb tiny library boasts 44 free visuals to spice up your web design game. With these visuals including reveal text on hover, sliding, hinge, flip and many more. This hover image library comes with detailed documentation guiding you on how to get set up and start using the effects.

Resource URL: ImageHover.io


For this styled hover effect resource, you will most probably need to use the Google Chrome web browser as the content is not in the English language. Use chrome to translate it and you’re ready to go. Additionally, NXWorld’s CSS3 tips page shows each demo with the exact styles to go with it. This is pretty handy when you just want a feel for things on the fly. Each demo gives a small description of how the styles work to execute the effect which is another perk. Overall, this is a great learning resource as well as a cool freebie.

Resource URL: NXWorld.net


Now, although this next resource is geared towards bootstrap, it isn’t a necessity, you can simply remove the col classes from the top-level divs within the source code. The creator, Mike Tricking has really blown me away with these examples. One of the hovering effects is even capable of displaying social media buttons within a diamond border as you hover, which, in my personal opinion, is absolutely fantastic. To see the one I’m talking about, look at the 3rd square down on the left within the grid.

To show off, even more, this resource lets you click a ‘Show Code’ button that makes a modal box popup. Within the modal, you can see the HTML and CSS styling used to pull the demo off. From there its a simple copy & paste job to get it into your project! This really is a five-star showcase of image hover effects.

Resource URL: Bootstrap Hover

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