Google needs to fix its notoriously bad bilingual speech recognition on Assistant and Gboard (Update

Google collects vast amounts of speech data across all of its products, and while it hasn't been too transparent about the practice, we as users profit from it for the most part. Speech recognition has consistently gotten better over the years, which has allowed impressive sci-fi tech like smart speakers to enter our homes. There's one department where Google needs to step up its game, though: multilingual speakers are having a hard time using more than one language on any Google product.

While there are a lot of people that live all of their lives speaking one language only, many countries around the world routinely juggle between two or even more all the time. These days, plenty of products are still developed by people with only one primary tongue, so bilingual support is often not as good as it could be (which is also true outside of speech and audio processing).

That's a problem for people who switch between more than one language regularly. Android Police founder Artem routinely struggles with Gboard's dictation feature while our editor Rita just straight up removed her secondary language, French, from Assistant. There are also reports on Reddit complaining about issues arising from a bilingual Assistant. Some Redditors have even noticed that their Google Home speakers need more processing time when they have to juggle two languages.