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Google map in SharePoint 2010 content editor web part

In this article we will be seeing how to embed the Google map in SharePoint 2010.

Steps Involved:

  • Click on the Customize and preview embedded map link.

  • You could customize the map size by changing the width and height.

  • Copy the HTML code from the section 3.

  • Go to the SharePoint site.

  • Go to Site Actions => Edit Page => Editing Tools => Insert => Web Part.

  • Go to Categories => Media and Content => Content Editor Web Part => Click on Add.Edit the web part.

  • Click on "Click here to add new content".

  • In the ribbon go to Editing Tools => Format Text => Layout Tab => HTML => Edit HTML source.

  • Paste the HTML code that we have copied.

  • Click on Ok.

  • Google map is successfully added to the SharePoint 2010 Content editor web part.



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