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Golang vs Node.js : Which is better for backend Framework?

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

What is Go (Golang) ?

Go is an Open-Source, Cross - Platform and compiled multithreaded programming language which was developed in 2007 . Programs are assembled by using packages, for efficient management of dependencies. This language also supports environmental support in the language. Towards this, the language is opinionated and recommends an 0 is a valid declaration of a variable y of type float).


  • Language Design: The designers of the language made a conscious purposeful to keep the language simple and easy to understand. The entire detailing is in a few pages and some interesting design decisions were made through Object-Oriented support in the language.Towards this, the language is opinionated and recommends an idiomatic way of achieving things. It prefers Composition over Inheritance. In Go Language, “Do More with Less” is the mantra.

  • Package Management: Go merges modern day developer workflow of working with Open Source projects and includes that in the way it manages external packages. Support is provided directly in the tooling to get external packages and publish your own packages in a set of easy commands.

  • Powerful standard library: Go has powerful standard library, which is distributed as packages.

  • Static Typing: Go is static typed language. So, in this compiler not just work on compiling the code successfully but also ensures on type conversions and compatibility. Because of this feature Go avoid all those problems which we face in dynamically typed languages.

  • Testing Support: Go provides us the unit testing features by itself i.e., a simple mechanism to write your unit test parallel with your code because of this you can understand you code coverage by your own tests. And that can be easily used in generating your code documentation as an example.

  • Platform Independent: Go language is just like Java language as it support platform independency. Due to its modular design and modularity i.e., the code is compiled and is converted into binary form which is as small as possible and hence, it requires no dependency. Its code can be compiled in any platform or any server and application you work on.

Advantages Of Using Golang:

  • It is easy to learn as Go language has simple syntax, and also it is designed using C programming language.

  • It is a fast language as compilation is quick and generated binary code is too less.

  • It has the ability to support concurrency as goroutine function and channel make it possible.

  • Syntax of Golang is neat as well as very easy to understand.

  • Google’s active support is there for Golang.

  • Excellent documentation

What is Node.js?

Node.js is an Open-Source Server Environment that runs on V* Engine and Executes JavaScript Code Outside a Web Browser. Node.js allows creation of web servers and networking tools using JavaScript and Collection of Modules that handles various core functionalities. Node.js is primarily used to build network programs.


  • Node.js Library is very fast in code execution because of its Google chrome's V8 JavaScript Engine.

  • It never buffers any data. These kind of applications output the data in chunks

  • Node.js uses single threaded programs and the same program can provide service to much larger number of requests that traditional servers like Apache HTTP server.

  • Node.js is based on the server that never waits for an API to return data which means Node.js library is Asynchronous i.e., no Blocking.

Advantages Of Using NodeJS:

  • Easy to learn as it has concise, clean syntax.

  • Easy scalability, scalable network applications can be developed as it is built on Chrome’s JavaScript runtime platform.

  • Run time open-source development platform so it has a large and active Community.

  • Parallel execution provides high performance

  • Advantage of caching

  • Full-stack JavaScript

Difference Between Go and Node.js

Golang Node.js

Golang is fast and lightweight platform

Node.js is slower than other programming language

Its better for raw performance and computation

It cannot provide raw performance to CPU tasks

It helps programmers to achieve performance

It performs high or terrible depending upon the applications

Error handling implement explicit error checking. The compile-time and run-time error are handled differently which raise problems for the developers

Node.js implement throw-catch error handling mechanism. Error are displayed and corrected immediately before performing any operation.

It is suitable for large projects as it has multiple threads to perform at once with parallel tasks.

It is not suitable for large projects due to insufficient parallelization process.

lack front-end support

It helps to build attractive front-end applications.

Very few tools are available for developers.

Wide range of tools, frameworks and libraries are available for developers.

Concurrency can be achieved with the Go language.

Concurrency can not be achieved with NodeJS.

As Go language is a newer language, so developers need to do little research on the concepts and read it to understand it clearly.

As developers know JavaScript very well so for them to start with NodeJS is not so much difficult. Basic knowledge in JS will help to understand NodeJS clearly.

Uber, Medium, Intel, Google, Heroku, and many others use the Go language.

Netflix, Linked In, PayPal, Walmart, eBay, and many others use NodeJS.


As we have discussed about both the Programming Language GO and Node.js, both are perfect. The real-life performance by both the programming language give almost same result and Database connection and Network communication perform equally at equal speed. You can analyze them in depth and decide which programming language to use according to your usage or project. If you have any issue or want any information related to this articles or other articles visit or follow us on Social Media @thetechplatform

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