Fundamentals of DBMS

Database systems are used for a variety of use cases

  • Temporary hot data storage.

  • Long-lived cold storage.

  • Complex analytical operations

  • Access value by key

  • Time-series data storage

  • Storage large blob

  • Graph-based data

There are different ways to group the databases, one of the popular way group databases into 3 categories

  • OLTP (Online Transaction Processing) databases: Handles a large number of user-facing requests and transactions. Queries are often short-lived.

  • OLAP (Online Analytical Processing) databases: Handles complex aggregations. Used for analytics queries.

  • HTAP (Hybrid Transactional & Analytical Processing) databases

Another way of categorization is

  • Key-value stores

  • Relational databases

  • Document oriented stores

  • Graph databases

DBMS architecture

DBMS architecture is based on a client-server model

  • Nodes are server

  • Applications are client

Transport layer

It is responsible for