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From a £30 Smart Band to the Apple Watch Series 5, eight fitness trackers that will help you hit you

If you're serious about making improvements to your health and fitness, then you need to make sure you're held accountable. By tracking and recording pace, steps, heart rate and other things that affect your fitness goals, you can ensure that you're progressing.

A smart fitness tracker is like wearing a personal trainer on your wrist and a lot cheaper as you only need to pay once and it will last years.

From checking your quality of sleep, counting your steps, playing music and delivering text and social media notifications, these eight trackers have some impressive features that will help you on your fitness journey.

This is a fitness tracker for those who like to stay connected at all times. It enables you to call, text, stream your music or ask Siri a question whether you're out on a run, hiking a peak or swimming.

With the activity and health apps you can track indoor and outdoor workouts like running, cycling, and even high-intensity interval training with accurate and detailed metrics. You can measure your heart rate at any time and receive automatic alerts if it detects unusual patterns.

You'll also be alerted if the watch thinks you haven't moved enough.

The Garmin Vivomove 3S combines the timeless classical look of an analogue watch with all the incredible functionality of a Smart watch. It will look fabulous with any outfit, whether you're in the office or working out.

Simply give it a swipe to read texts and smart notifications on your wrist and the watch hands will move to reveal everything your watch can do. 

It comes preloaded with loads of sports apps to help you get the most out of your workouts whether you prefer Pilates, HIIT or swimming, and it's GPS compatible so you can track your runs.

The stylish Fitbit Versa 2 health and fitness smart watch enables you to use your voice to create alarms, set bedtime reminders, check the weather or control your Spotify account directly from your wrist without pressing any buttons, thanks to its handy built-in voice control technology.

One tap of the screen activates Amazon Alexa who can carry out a variety of tasks while you're mid-workout.

Thanks to the health tracker and on-board heart rate monitor, you can get daily sleep-quality scores, notifications and 24 hour heart rate information.

The Mi Smart Band 4 is the best value fitness monitor on the market. For less than £30, it has a surprisingly wide range of features including accurately monitoring steps, distance traveled, calories burned, heart rate and sleep. 

You can set it up for different modes including walking, running, cycling and swimming, and it alerts you to move more if it detects you're being idle.

Texts and call alerts show straight on the display and you can tap the watch to control the music stored on your phone. It's not the most stylishly designed monitor but it's slimline and lightweight.

If you need to be prompted to run faster, the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 is perfect. It's like having a coach on your wrist. 

You can programme a goal and the watch will alert you with prompts to keep you on track. Choose from a range of pre-set pace programmes and walk, jog or sprint your way to a Personal Best.

There's also sleep-tracking and an in-built heart rate monitor, but the most unique feature is that you can change the colour of the watch face thanks to its algorithm that extracts colours from the photos on your phone.

The ultra-lightweight Fossil Sport smartwatch is the perfect workout accessory. It's cheaper than the Garmin and Fitbit models, but equally functional and the grey strap with rose gold bezel has a premium feel.

Track your heart rate when working out to see how much you're pushing your body and listen to your favourite tracks for motivation to do that little bit more. 

Keen runners will appreciate the untethered GPS, which means there's no need to take your phone on a run. Want to re-hydrate? Buy a water via the Google Pay App.

This is not the most affordable monitor on the market but it offers some impressive features to justify the price. It's the only watch that enables you to track running power as well as heart rate, monitoring directly from your wrist. 

Like cycling, power is measured in watts; and the goal is that by having a better idea of your optimal power number, you can stick to that power number in race situations to secure a PB.

With that power data, Polar can calculate something called 'muscle load', showing how much your muscles and joints were strained during a training session.

Want a simple black no-frills fitness tracker packed with loads of smart functions? 

The Mobvoi TicWatch E2 has all of the standard health tracking tools such as a 24-hour heart rate monitor, a running tracker and a sleep tracker plus the ability to use Google Assistant for voice commands when you're on the go.

You'll also have 100 per cent connectivity thanks to its in-built Google Wear OS, with thousands of apps available at Google Play. Connect to your phone to get notifications, reply to messages or control your music.



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