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External Sharing Of SharePoint Sites At The SharePoint Admin Center On Office 365

Welcome to an article on External Sharing of SharePoint Sites at the SharePoint Admin Center on Office 365. Here in this article, we will see how to configure the settings on the SharePoint Admin Center for external Sharing.

To configure you need to be a tenant admin. If you are, let’s see how we can do it,

  • Click on the left corner of your SharePoint site to view the apps.

  • Click on Admin.

  • You will come to the “SharePoint admin center”.

  • Select sharing on the left navigation. You will see the configuration screen below:

Sharing outside your organization

Here you can configure your tenant admin center and all the site collections from this tenant to choose if they want to share content with external users outside your organization.

1. First Option

Don't allow sharing outside your organization.

- In case you don't want to share the access outside your organization choose this option.

2. Second Option

Allow users to invite and share with authenticated external users.

- If you want to share but with authenticated users which users can directly provide access to, choose this option.

3. Third Option

Allow sharing to authenticated external users and using anonymous access links,

- Here you can share access to external users using anonymous access links so you have a little privacy here.

Additional Settings:

Now you have the following add-ons to your external sharing.

  • Limit external sharing using domains. Separate multiple domains with spaces-

You can create domains for example I have a work relation with ABC company. I can add to domain to my tenant and all the users using domain can access my tenant sites.

  • External users must accept sharing invitations using the same account that the invitations were sent to:

Secondly the external users can be controlled to use the specific email id they have been sent invitation on to access the sites.

External Sharing feature has always been and always will be hot on the admin center thereby providing an important step to an important functionality of SharePoint which is none other than “Sharing”.

In this article we saw about External Sharing of SharePoint Sites at the SharePoint Admin Center on Office 365. We will see more of SharePoint in my other articles until then, keep reading and keep learning.



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