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ER Diagram Restaurant Reservation Management System

The ER Diagram of Restaurant Reservation management System shows all the visual instrument database tables and the relations between Employee, Sells, Restaurant, Customer etc.

Restaurant reservation Management System Entities and their attributes:

  1. Restaurant Entity

  2. Employees Entity

  3. Item Entity

  4. Sells Entity

  5. Booking Entity

  6. Customer Entity


  1. The Details of Restaurant is store into the Restaurant tables respective with all tables

  2. Each entity contains primary key and unique keys

  3. The Entity items, Booking has binded with Restaurant, Employees entities with foreign key

  4. There is one-to-one and one-to-many relationship available between Booking, Sells, Customer and Restaurants.

  5. All the entities are Normalized and reduce duplicacy of records.

  6. We have implemented indexing on each tables of Restaurant reservation management System tables for fast query execution.

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