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Edit a SharePoint page or news post in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is the hub for team collaboration that integrates, people, files, and content effectively in a single place.

There are multiple scenarios for using Teams for efficient & faster communication within your organization. These include brainstorming business decisions with your team, one on one conversations with colleagues, sharing quick updates, and planning & tracking work items with a broader group. Basically, any time you want to collaborate & make fast decisions, Teams is a great tool.

With the rollout of editing of SharePoint Pages in Teams, we make it easier for you to manage your SharePoint pages & news posts within Teams! When you add an existing modern SharePoint page or news post as a tab in a Microsoft Teams channel now you can edit it without leaving Teams. We have also made it easier to stay in Teams by enabling people viewing the page or post to navigate using SharePoint links right within Teams. 

SharePoint pages and News pinned as tab in Microsoft Teams

By empowering you to use your SharePoint pages and news posts within Teams, it makes working with your team or coworkers more efficient. Whether working on a status report or planning an event together or working on a page for an upcoming project deadline, editing of pages & news posts within Teams will be of great value.

As a page author you will now be able to add or edit content, images & any other web part.

Add, Edit, or Remove content on your page or news post

Page authors will be able to update any web part settings in the web part property pane like you would do in SharePoint.

Make use of the full web part property pane to edit your content

It is now easy for page authors to save & publish the edited pages within Teams.

Save and Republish your pages and News within Teams

You can also promote your news articles in email and Yammer.

Promote your page or news post to Yammer, with email, or by posting as News

We are excited about bringing editing capabilities for your SharePoint Pages within Teams. Putting this capability in your hands wherever you work will unlock new collaboration and enable more scenarios. We look forward to gathering more feedback as you begin to edit your pages in Teams.

Source: Microsoft

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