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Digital Asset Library in SharePoint 2010

In this article, you will see about the Digital Asset library in SharePoint 2010.

Digital Asset Library is a new feature in SharePoint 2010, which is a kind of document library. Create a new Asset library by using "Asset Library" list template. This library is used to store digital assets. A digital asset may be image, audio or video file. This is used to manage, create, share and reuse the digital assets by the users.

Digital Asset Content Types:

The following Digital Media Content types are included in the Asset Library and are provisioned by default.

  1. Audio

  2. Video

  3. Image

These content types are available under Digital Asset Content types group. Go to SharePoint Site, click on Site Actions. Click on Site Settings, in the Galleries click on Site Content Types. Check the content types under Digital Asset Content Types group.

All the three content types are inherited from Rich media Asset.

Audio Content Type includes the following fields

Image Content Type includes the following fields

Video Content Type includes the following fields

Digital Asset Library Views:

Digital Asset library includes the following views and are provisioned by default

  1. Thumbnails

  2. All Assets

Thumbnails view:

Thumbnails view looks like the following

When you hover over the image, video or audio, you will be able to see the following

When you click on Play link the audio will be played as shown in the following

All Assets view:

All Assets view looks like the following

Thus in this article you have seen the basics of Digital Asset libraries in SharePoint 2010



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