Difference Between Cypress and TestCafe


Cypress framework is an open-Source JavaScript-based test automation framework built on NodeJS.

It is built for the modern web and aims to address the pain points developers or QA engineers face while testing an application. Cypress is a developer-friendly tool that uses a unique DOM manipulation technique and operates directly in the browser. It also provides a unique interactive test runner.

Cypress is fundamentally built on a different architecture compared to Testcafe. It supports different types of testing:

  • End to End Testing

  • Unit Testing

  • Integration Testing

  • API Testing

Cypress Features

  • Time Travel: Cypress runs on its own window and takes snapshots while tests run. Hover over commands in the Command Log to see exactly what happened at each step.

  • Debuggability: Cypress allows direct debugging from Developer Tools. Readable errors and stack traces make debugging fast and efficient.

  • Automatic Waiting: In Cypress, testers do not need to provide Explicit Wait. Cypress automatically waits for commands and assertions before moving on. No more async hell.

  • Spies, Stubs, and Clocks: This feature helps to verify and control the behaviour of functions, server responses, or timers.

  • Network Traffic Control: Easily control, stub, and test edge cases without involving the server. Stub network traffic as it is required.

  • Consistent Results: Since Cypress uses its own browser control strategy, it is comparatively faster, more consistent, and enables reliable tests that are flake-free.

  • Screenshots and Videos: Screenshots are taken automatically on failure. One can take videos of the entire test suite when run from the CLI.

  • Cross browser Testing: Cypress supports running tests within New Edge, Firefox, and Chrome-family browsers.

Limitations of Cypress

  • Programming Language: Cypress supports only JavaScript/Typescript as a programming language.

  • Multiple Tab: Cypress does not support multiple tabs or allow switching between Parent and Child windows.