Data Scientists, The 5 Graph Algorithms that you should know

We as data scientists have gotten quite comfortable with Pandas or SQL or any other relational database. We are used to seeing our users in rows with their attributes as columns. But does the real world really behave like that?'

In a connected world, users cannot be considered as independent entities. They have got certain relationships between each other and we would sometimes like to include such relationships while building our machine learning models.

Now while in a relational database, we cannot use such relations between different rows(users), in a graph database it is fairly trivial to do that.

Graph algorithms are a set of instructions that traverse (visits nodes of a) graph. Some algorithms are used to find a specific node or the path between two given nodes.

1. Connected Components

A graph with 3 connected components

We all know how clustering works?

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As a concrete example: Say you have data about roads joining any two cities in the world. And you need to find out all the continents in the world and which city they contain.