Create An Azure Function App To Generate Token - Power BI Embedded - Step By Step - Part Four


In this article, we will talk about how we can create an Azure Function APP to generate tokens.

Before we start I prefer you read my earlier articles,

Now, let’s get started!

Create an Azure App Function

1. Open Azure Portal.

2. Go to All Resources > Add > Serverless Function App.

3. Give a name for your App function.

Here, my application name = PBIReportEmbedded

Click on Create button.

5. Click on Application Setting.

6. We need to add the following Key-value Pairs,

  • PBIE_CLIENT_ID = Application ID for the Application we have registered.

  • PBIE_GROUP_ID = Workspace ID of Power BI Report.

  • PBIE_REPORT_ID = Report ID of Power BI Report.

  • PBIE_USERNAME = Username of Power BI Pro account