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Create A Site Column In SharePoint 2013 And Office 365

These columns will be available throughout the site collections and you just need to add this column in all list and library from the group of Site Columns.

Let’s see how you can do it

  • Go to Site Settings of your site.

  • Under Web Designer Galleries, click on “Site Columns”.

  • You will reach following page.

  • Click on Create.

  • You will come to the configuration form

Name and Type

Here you can provide a name to your column and choose one of the types you want your column to be among the following.

  • Single line of text

  • Multiple lines of text

  • Choice (menu to choose from)

  • Number (1, 1.0, 100)

  • Currency ($, ¥, €)

  • Date and TimeLookup (information already on this site)

  • Yes/No (check box)

  • Person or Group

  • Hyperlink or Picture

  • Calculated (calculation based on other columns)

  • Task Outcome

  • Full HTML content with formatting and constraints for publishing

  • Image with formatting and constraints for publishing

  • Hyperlink with formatting and constraints for publishing

  • Summary Links data

  • Rich media data for publishing

  • Managed Metadata


Here you can specify under which group should your column lie among the following default groups.

You can even define a new group if you think the column you are creating will not fall under any of the above groups.

Additional Column Settings

These settings will be available according to the type of column you choose. For example Single line of Text the following additional settings will imply.

  • Description: Here you can provide a description to your column.

  • Require that this column contains information: Here you can choose to make your column mandatory or not.

  • Enforce unique values: Here you can enforce this column to have unique values which will not allow users to have duplicate values in this field.

  • Maximum Number of Characters: You can define the maximum number of characters for this column.

  • Default Value: Here you can assign a default or calculated value to this column.

Column Validation

Lastly the feature column validation where you can specify a formula for the column to validate before saving the form.

  • Give the name to your column and click on Save.

  • You will find your column “Demo Column” under “Custom Column” which I selected for creating a column as per the screen below. .

  • Now when you will create a column under list or any library

  • Select “Add from existing site columns”.

  • Under the group Custom Columns, you will find your site column, “Demo Column”.

You need not create a same type of column again. You can select the column in n number of lists/Libraries. This column will be present globally throughout the site collection and you can save your effort and time by creating multiple columns.

In this article we saw how to create a Site Column in SharePoint 2013 and Office 365, until my other articles keep learning!



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