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Color Code your Emails by Sender in Outlook

Color coding your emails will help you to organize your inbox emails based on specific criteria. This will make it easier to identify and prioritize certain types of emails and improve your productivity. For example, you can color the emails from your boss or team members with a specific color to ensure they are easily distinguishable from other emails. Or you could use a different color to mark emails that require your immediate attention versus those that can be dealt with later. In this article, we will give you a step-by-step guide to color code your emails by sender in outlook.

Here are the steps to color code emails in outlook by the sender:

STEP 1: Open Outlook and click on View tab.

STEP 2: Now, click on "View Settings" under "Current View" settings.

STEP 3: A dialog box will appear. Click on "Conditional Formatting".

STEP 5: In the Conditional Formatting dialog box, add a new rule by clicking "Add".

STEP 6: In the Name section, you will see untitled; input the desired name for the rule.

STEP 7: After that click on "Condition".

STEP 8: Enter the person’s name in the From field in the Filter dialog box.

STEP 9: Then click OK.

STEP 10: Go back to the Conditional Formatting dialog box, click Font.

STEP 11: In the Font dialog box, click the drop-down arrow beside color and select a color.

You can also change the Font, Font Style, and Size if you desire.

STEP 12: Click OK.

Note: Color coding rules are specific to your email account and won't be visible to others who access the same account.

Once you've created your rule, any email that meets the criteria you've set will be automatically color-coded according to the font color you've chosen. You can create multiple rules to color code emails based on different criteria.



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