Cas & Chary Present: Awesome Things to Do in VR Other Than Gaming

When it comes to consumer VR headsets, gaming is clearly on of the most common use-cases. However, there are so many other things that are compelling and fun to do in VR. In this video and article, I share things you can do in VR other than gaming that I enjoy.

Play Instruments in VR

Some VR apps allow you to spawn instruments, like complete drum sets, out of thin air in front of you. This is great because it removes physical limitations like space and even noise that could annoy your neighbors!

Image courtesy Paradiddle

Paradiddle is a great example for people who want to drum. It’s also pretty cool to see others drum entire covers using it.

If you have an Oculus Quest, there’s even a piano tutorial app available on SideQuest called VRTuos. It uses hand tracking and a real piano to teach you to play songs. If you’ve got a piano, you should try it! There’s also a VRTuos Pro version if you want unlock more features and support the developer.

Meditate in VR

For those looking for distraction-free relaxation after a heavy workday, try out meditation apps in VR. I’m not the type to meditate myself as I get distracted way too fast. However, it works better in VR for me, and even if it only lasts for five minutes, I feel rejuvenated after.

The apps I recommend checking out are Guided Meditation VRtheBlu, or for Quest NatureTreks VR. And check out Road to VR’s expansive list of relaxing games and experiences if you’re looking for even more ways to chill out in VR.

Attend VR Performance with Live Actors

Image courtesy Tender Claws

Attending a virtual theater show was one of the best things to do this year. In The Under Presents, you could book a ticket to attend a 40 minutes live actor show based on Shakespeare’s The Tempest. This was with up to eight attendees, but we could only communicate by body language as we couldn’t speak to each other. The only person that spoke was the live actor who narrated and improvised the whole show. The actor had the power to spawn objects and put us in different environments. It was a magical experience.

Right now, The Under Presents does not have any shows running (though it still has much to explore), but keep an eye on the immersive theater VR space as I’m expecting to see more of this genre!