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Calls to ban 'animal abuser' dog trainer from Manchester event

The RSPCA has expressed concern over Jeff Gellman's training techniques

The video shows a dog being hit with a rolled-up towel

A controversial dog trainer who was due to hold a seminar in Manchester has been publicly criticised for his training techniques.

The RSPCA has labelled Jeff Gellman's techniques as 'completely unnecessary' and voiced 'significant concerns', while dozens of Twitter users have called for the events to be cancelled.

Gellman, who also goes by Solid K9 Training, has deactivated his Twitter account following the widespread outcry.

A video has been recirculating ahead of two UK seminar events - one in Manchester and one in Perth in Scotland - that shows Gellman hitting a dog at a previous event.

In the clip, the dog trainer is seen forcefully throwing a rolled-up towel at a dog, who yelps in shock and cowers.

Gellman refers to the technique as 'bonking'.

He is due to make an appearance in Manchester for a two-day seminar on August 15 and 16, with tickets listed on Eventbrite at £600 per person and dog pairing.

The location for the event is not listed publicly - the page reads: "The seminar address will be emailed along with your confirmation once a ticket is purchased."

The RSPCA said: "This video is really upsetting. We understand this incident happened in the US but we’ve been made aware that this trainer is due to host an event in Manchester.

"We have previously written to Solid K9 Training to make them aware of our concerns over their training techniques and methods and are doing so again.

"We’re in the process of contacting Eventbrite, asking them to remove this from their website, and we’d also like to write to the venue to make them aware.

"Unfortunately the venue has not been advertised so if anyone knows where the event is being held then we’d ask them to let us know."

At the time of writing, almost 40,000 people worldwide have signed a petition to 'end Jeff Gellman's abuse of dogs'.

Jeff Gellman, Solid K9 Training

The petition calls on Peter Neronha - Attorney General in Jeff's native Rhode Island - to 'shut down Jeff Gellman'.

A Reddit thread is also discussing Jeff's appearance in Manchester, with users describing his techniques as 'plain wrong' and 'out of order'.

One Twitter user posted: "This vile animal abuser, Jeff Gellman, appears to have shut down his social media accounts. We don’t want him anywhere in the UK - not Scotland, not Manchester, not anywhere #NotWelcomeHere "

Another wrote: "This cruel man must not be allowed to bring animal cruelty to Manchester"

The RSPCA has condemned aversive training techniques, which can include choke collars, electric collars, spray bottles, shouting and hitting.

They said: "The RSPCA, like many other organisations, has significant concerns about aversive training techniques as they can cause pain and distress to dogs and are completely unnecessary.

"We promote and recommend reward-based training techniques which include the use of things that dogs like or enjoy and have been shown to be very effective in achieving long-term change in behaviour without compromising dog welfare."



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