Break Down Silos In Your Company With These Nine Tech Strategies

The key to success in any industry is communication. If your teams aren’t communicating clearly and working together, the workflow is going to break down. It’s especially important to avoid silos when you’re leading a tech team; without cross-departmental visibility, your team won’t receive the information they need to create valuable, useful solutions.

To prevent this situation, we asked the members of Forbes Technology Council for their insights. Below they share nine ways businesses can use technology to break down company silos and help all their teams become more productive and collaborative.

1. Adopt DevOps tech.

Adopting common technologies, tools and reporting can break down silos between developers, operations and customer experience teams. DevOps tech can create a common focus on customer happiness across departments by improving visibility throughout the product lifecycle. Technology can’t fix culture, but shared tech can improve a firm’s efforts to break down silos and become customer-obsessed. - Shiv Sundar, Esper

2. Leverage modern communication platforms.

Powerful business communication platforms like Slack and Microsoft Teams are outstanding when used in an integrative way. They were designed to support everyone and every level in the company in the way people naturally work—sometimes in silos and other times in a wider format and both remote and local. These apps can be set up in a way that aligns with the culture and rules, governed by the leadership team. - Sender Shamiss, goTRG

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3. Invest in intelligent data management.

An IDC study found that employees can spend 30% of their workdays looking for corporate information. With these broken processes, the amount of time wasted is enormous. Intelligent data-management solutions as a new tech can help reorganize storage and put data into a more logical order so employees will find the required information much faster. This fosters much more effective collaboration. - Ilia Sotnikov, Netwrix

4. Intentionally build an ‘operating system’ for your business.

Most companies tend to use technology as a series of point solutions, solving a particular challenge in one area of the business. Instead, take a holistic view and determine which technology platforms can connect various silos. For example, email is the default communication for many, but should it be? Perhaps there is a better medium. - Chris Grundemann,