Blazor Server App CRUD With Entity Framework Core In .Net 5

In this article, we will learn what Blazor is and how we can set up Blazor by making a basic CRUD Application with Entity Framework Core Code first approach in .Net 5 (the latest version).


  • Install the latest .NET 5.0 SDK from here.

  • Install the latest version of Visual Studio 2019 from here.

What we are going to cover in this?

  • What is Blazor and why it is exciting for C# Developers?

  • Difference between Blazor Server — Blazor Web Assembly

  • Setup the CRUD App using Blazor

  • Run and Test

What is Blazor and why is it exciting for C# Developers?

Blazor is a .NET web system that runs in the program. Think Angular or React however controlled by C# and Razor. Designers make Blazor applications utilizing a combination of C#, Razor, and HTML. These applications execute .NET congregations utilizing the Mono .NET runtime carried out through WebAssembly. Blazor utilizes the most recent web guidelines and requires no extra modules or additional items to run, this is not another Silverlight.

Blazor Server App

In the worker side facilitating model (Blazor Server-Side), Blazor is executed on the worker from inside an ASP.NET Core application. UI refreshes, occasion dealing with, and JavaScript brings are taken care of over a SignalR association.

Blazor also supports features of the SPA(Single Page Application) framework such as,

  • Routing

  • Layouts

  • Forms and validation

  • JavaScript interop

  • Build on save during development

  • Server-side rendering

  • Dependency Injection