Best Sales Negotiation Skills Your Reps Need to Be Successful

Sales talks can be stressful times for salespeople. It can be frustrating to think you’re close to closing a deal, only for the prospect to ask, “Can I think about it?” You can make closing deals easier for your sales team by boosting their skills with sales training to bring in more revenue to your business. Let’s look at five of the best negotiation skills your reps should have to be successful.

Addressing the Right Decision Makers

Many salespeople make the mistake of negotiating with a prospect only to find out they aren’t the final decision-maker. This mistake then leads to a delay in closing a deal as the prospect needs to seek guidance from someone else. This can even lead to the loss of the sale to a competitor who did manage to get to the real decision-maker. When a salesperson fails to identify the right decision-maker from the start, they can find themselves in a tough position. Why? For example, let’s say during discussions a rep discussed prices and agreed to give a discount. Later, the right decision-maker may come to talks with this discounted price in mind and ask for a further discount. These kinds of mistakes can lead to a dip in your profits. So, it pays for your reps to have the skills to identify the right decision-maker from the get-go. In negotiation seminars, your sales team can learn how to find out who the final decision maker is by asking the right questions that won’t bruise people’s egos.

Listening During Negotiations

Effective sales teams know to actively listen during talks. Don't you have a sales team yet? Here's how to build an unstoppable B2B sales team. Reps are often tempted, especially when discussing price, to jump in first and give discounts to the potential client in the hope of closing the deal. For instance, a prospect may want to discuss better payment terms. However, before the prospect can ask, the rep offers a discount. The prospect will likely accept the discount and continue to bargain for further concessions, such as better payment terms. So, your sales reps should master the art of actively listening to the client. When salespeople listen more, they can understand the prospect's needs better. Your reps could also find opportunities for more sales, which would help to:

  • Up-sell

  • Cross-sell

  • Ask for referrals from the prospect

When reps listen to prospects, they can also learn about other alternatives the prospect may be looking into. Your reps can then show the prospect how your company’s products or services fulfill their company’s needs better than your competitor’s products or services. A great way for sales reps to master the art of listening is by attending training with a focus on role-playing. In these sessions, reps can learn:

  • How to ask open-ended questions

  • To let the prospect provide answers while actively listening

  • To pause for a moment to ensure the prospect has nothing more to add

  • To recap what the prospect said to ensure that the rep understood the prospect’s needs

When your reps are armed with skills like these, your team can close more deals.

Enhance your sales negotiation skills to drive more sales to your business.

Providing Value to the Customer

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