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Bec Judd shuts down COVIDSafe app sceptics

The AFL WAG has a tough message for the millions of Australians who haven’t yet downloaded the COVIDSafe app.

Rebecca Judd has a very strong message for Australians who haven’t downloaded the app that could get the country out of lockdown.

COVIDSafe, a contact tracing mobile app which can help alert others who have come into contact with those who have contracted coronavirus, was launched by the Federal Government recently.

While four million people have already downloaded the app, millions others haven’t.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has called the app our “ticket” out of lockdown and likened it to wearing sunscreen outside – but we need 10 million to download it for it to be successful.

Now, AFL WAG and mum-of-four, Judd addressed those who are refusing to download the app over privacy concerns.

Bec Judd has pleaded with Australians to download the COVIDSafe app.

“Just download the bloody app people, you can delete it later,” she wrote in her Instagram Stories. “Instagram, Facebook, Google etc know far more about you than the COVIDSafe app.”

The business owner and radio-host has previously said she understood people’s fears, addressing the biggest concerns that had people stalling in last week.

“I’ve downloaded the COVIDSafe app and I encourage all Australians to do the same,” she said. “I understand the privacy concerns, I totally get that – but these are unprecedented times and we need our jobs back. We need our kids back at school, we need our livelihoods back – we need to get this country moving again.”

She implored on people to download it and ‘delete later’.

Explaining she did think twice about “the Government tracking my every move”, she said she looked into how it worked and determined she was “comfortable” because it was a tool that can “help get us back to where we need to be”.

In another short video, Judd encouraged people to think about all the other pieces of software they have installed on their phones, TVs and computers.

“Think about the information you punch into your phones and your computer every day,” she said. “Where abouts you shop, where you eat, where you travel, every single thing that you buy.”

The AFL WAG and mum-of-four has talked about the app several times with her followers.

She believes the app is a tool that will help get us out of lockdown.

She also talked about ads that appear when you’ve been talking about items, calling it “far more concerning to me than this app”.

Despite four million having downloaded the app to date, reservations around security are preventing many more from installing it onto their device.

Details about the source code will be released for public scrutiny but that information could still be weeks away.



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