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Artificial Intelligence on Making Court Decisions

In Estonia, artificial intelligence will play a crucial role in the future of human beings. It will play a crucial role in the functioning of judicial institutions, which is a great innovation. According to the authorities in this Baltic country, they are empowered to arbitrate cases of minor offenses autonomously. Unbelievable but true!

Lightening the workload of judges

Minor offenses will therefore no longer necessarily be the responsibility of judges or registrars. With the use of artificial intelligence, these authorities will be able to tackle more complex cases that require human intelligence. The cases for which this machine is responsible are minor offenses. In other words, these are crimes where the damage is estimated at less than 7,000 euros. This artificial intelligence will be responsible for deciding whether the person is guilty or not.

If necessary, the person harmed by the judgment will always be able to call on the expertise of a human. This is a real revolution in the judicial world because it will be the first robot to issue a sentence. To indicate its judgment, artificial intelligence will refer to legal texts as well as information put online by the parties involved. Each piece of data will be inserted into a special platform.

The contribution of artificial intelligence in Estonia

This artificial intelligence has been successful in the United States, but it has only played an advisory role in 60 jurisdictions. It has intervened in a few cases. There are plans to integrate this robot with 13 other public service institutions.In Estonia, it is very different. Indeed, the intervention of artificial intelligence is taking on a major scale in this country, which wants to be at the cutting edge of progress. That is why Technology will play a major role in Estonia's legal systems. However, will the machine be able to replace man in the judicial system? Not so sure... We can't wait to see the first judgments!



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