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Apple now sells official iPhone XS, XS Max refurbs from $699

Apple is finally selling refurbished iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max units more than a year after the devices made their official debut.

You can pick yours up from the Apple Online Store, where prices start at $699 and rise all the way to $1,099. All handsets look and work as good as new and are backed by a one-year Apple warranty.

Buying refurbished is a great way to get some of the best Apple devices at a fraction of their original cost. And when you buy directly from Apple, you get all the perks of a brand-new product.

In addition to a one-year warranty, Apple ensures refurbished devices come with a fresh battery and packaging. It also swaps out any components that aren’t fully functioning.

The downside to refurbished Apple products is that we typically have to wait a long time for them to hit the Apple Online Store. But the wait is finally over for iPhone XS and XS Max … in the U.S., at least.

iPhone XS, XS Max refurbs available now

Prices start at $699 for a 64GB iPhone XS that’s unlocked for use on any carrier. That’s just $100 more than a refurbished iPhone X. A 256GB model can be yours for $829, while a 512GB model is $999.

iPhone XS Max starts at $799 with 64GB of storage, while the 256GB and 512GB options sell for $929 and $1,099, respectively. Various color options are available for now.

The availability of refurbished Apple devices can fluctuate quite a bit. So when stock sells out, there’s no telling when it will be replenished. If you see something you want, then, it’s best to snap it up quickly.

And again, official iPhone XS and XS Max refurbs are on sale only in the U.S. for now. It’s unclear when they might be available elsewhere.

You can get them cheaper

We should point out that refurbished Apple devices are almost always cheaper when you buy them from third-party sellers. For instance, Amazon is currently offering iPhone XS refurbs from just $535.

Why buy from Apple? Well, you don’t normally get official packaging from third-party sellers — at least not new packaging. And you don’t get a one-year Apple warranty, either.

Lots of third-party sellers also offer refurbished devices in used condition, whereas Apple typically replaces anything that shows signs of wear — though that’s not always the case.



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