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An Overview Of The New Office 365 Delve Blogs


In this article, you will learn about Office 365 Delve Blogs components. The blog feature is supported on Office 365 Delve, where the users will be able to create or view the blogs on the Office 365 portal.


Microsoft has introduced a new blog feature on Office 365 Delve. Delve creates a separate site collection for portals (portals/hub). It has an app pages folder within the site collection, which has two pages. Here, the point publishing page is present. The Delve Blogs are stored or can be viewed from the point publishing page. Each 365 account will have access to these sites and the pages (which is created by default).

At the bottom of Delve user page, the users will get the blog component.

If the users clicks on all the posts links, it will take them to the user's blog page, where users can add or view their blog posts. The users can create from the Delve home page or blog page. The following snapshot shows the user's blog page.

The saved blogs will immediately start appearing on the blogs page, but not on the Delve user page. It will take few minutes for the published blogs to be available on Delve user page. The delay is because of search crawl. The blog posts component on the Delve users page is rendered based on the search index. Search should run periodically to get a display for the blog posts.

Now we will see, how we can retrieve the blog posts available on the Delve user’s page. The users can create a new blog by clicking new post tile or by clicking new post from the Delve user page.

Here, the users can put their own data with the existing design. There are multiple options for users to put their content.

  • Images can be added as a banner for the blog post.

  • Title or subtitle can be given to the blog post.

  • By clicking the plus icon on the blog content area, the users can put the blog content with text, document links, or images etc.

To insert blog content, there are many options. Users can insert text with available custom format or can insert the content from the existing portal. 

Using Text Section

  • Header – To add header or sub title for the sections 

  • Text – Paragraph content can be inserted using this component. Within this component, other styling options can also be applied.

  • Bulleted list or Numbered list – To put the content in the list format. 

  • Pull Quote – To highlight the paragraph or the lines.

Using Content Section

  • Image- Images can be inserted from portal or local drive. 

  • Document- The documents are present on the portal using link or directly from the drive. Once inserted, Office Web app preview of the document will be available on the page. The preview page can also be set for the document inserted from the settings of OWA component.

  • Video- Videos can be inserted from the video portal.

You can insert any element anywhere on the blog to complete it. Now, you can save and publish the blog.


Thus, you have learned, how to create or view the blog on Office 365 Delve component.



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