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AI Robot - Robotics and Artificial Intelligence

AI Robots are the artificial agents acting in the real-world environment. Artificial Intelligence Robot is aimed at manipulating the objects by perceiving, picking, moving, destroying it.

AI Locomotion

Locomotion is the mechanism that makes AI robot capable of moving in its environment. There are various types of locomotions −

  • Legged

  • Wheeled

  • Combination of Legged and Wheeled Locomotion

  • Tracked slip/skid

Components of AI Robot

To build AI robot we need following parts−

Components of AI Robot

a. Power Supply

As AI robots are powered by batteries, solar power, hydraulic.

b. Actuators

We use this to convert energy into movement.

c. Electric motors (AC/DC)

We need this for the rotational movement.

d. Pneumatic Air Muscles

As we can say that they contract almost 40% when the air is sucked in them.

e. Muscle Wires

Although, we have noticed that it contract by 5% when an electric current is passed through them.

f. Piezo Motors and Ultrasonic Motors

Basically, we use it for industrial robots.

g. Sensors

Generally, we use it in task environment. As it provides information of real-time knowledge.

How does AI interact with robotics?

Artificial intelligence and machine learning involves software programs classifying data and making decisions about things in the real world. Robotics involves manipulating objects in the real world. This creates the ability to manipulate the real world using a combination of machine learning and robotics.

At the same time, artificial intelligence programs can use data from the real world acquired through robotics to improve their performance. AI/machine learning have a symbiotic relationship.

One obvious application of AI to robotics is in computer vision. Computer vision allows robots and drones to navigate the real world more accurately. This has other applications for people: One experimental robot could remind people about ordinary things such as leaving milk outside of the refrigerator.

Robots are already used in manufacturing, but usually in preprogrammed tasks. Robots could learn tasks with machine learning by being shown by humans or through unsupervised machine learning. That means they could be moved to new jobs without a person having to reprogram them.

While there is concern that robots like these could replace people in manufacturing jobs, these robots could work alongside humans as “cobots,” where they collaborate with people instead of taking over their jobs.

Another major application of AI to robotics that has gotten attention in recent years is autonomous or self-driving cars. This kind of application is attractive because human driver error is the most common cause of accidents. A robotic car won’t get tired, impaired, or inattentive the way a human driver can. While there have been a few high-profile accidents involving autonomous vehicles, they have a lot of potential to be safer than human-driven vehicles.

A major research area involving robots and AI is in medical technologies. Robots in the future could perform surgery without intervention from a human doctor. As with autonomous vehicles, robotic surgeons could perform delicate operations for longer than human doctors can, without getting tired or making mistakes.

On the most basic level, human beings are made up of five major components:

  • A body structure

  • A muscle system to move the body structure

  • A sensory system that receives information about the body and the surrounding environment

  • A power source to activate the muscles and sensors

  • A brain system that processes sensory information and tells the muscles what to do

Applications of Artificial Intelligence Robot

a. Industries

Generally, we use AI robot in industries for various purposes. Such as handling material, cutting, welding, color coating, drilling, polishing, etc.

b. Medicine

Generally, AI Robots are very helpful. As they are capable of carrying out hundreds of clinical tests.

c. Exploration

Basically, for rock climbing, space exploration we use AI robot.

d. Entertainment

For movie making, Disney’s engineers have created hundreds of AI robot.

What is the Difference Between AI and Robots?

AI Robots

It is used to operate them in computer-simulated worlds.

It is used to operate in the real physical world.

An input is given in the form of symbols and rules.

An Inputs are given in the form of the analog signal in the form of the speech waveform.

To operate this, we need general purpose computers.

To operate this, special hardware with sensors and effectors are needed.

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