Advanced Microsoft Excel Features You Must Know

While Microsoft Excel has been around for the longest time, it has plenty of features that you probably know nothing about. Even Microsoft experts can tell you that every day is a learning day with Excel.

So what are some of these wonderful advanced features that you have been missing out on? In this article, we'll explore six advanced Excel features you must know and how they can help increase your productivity.

1. Fuzzy Matching

Fuzzy matching is a Microsoft Excel productivity feature that allows you to check through related items across different lists and merge them if they are approximately similar.

For instance, if you are carrying out a survey and some entries have typing errors, a fuzzy match will count them together with the correctly spelled entries as long as the spelling remains as close as possible to the correct one.

To make your entries even more accurate, you can set your preferred level of Similarity Threshold to your fuzzy match. However, you should know that the fuzzy matching feature will only work on text columns.

Here’s how to get your fuzzy match-up:

  1. First, make sure you have Fuzzy Lookup installed and enabled on Excel.

  2. The next step is to turn your list into a table. You will achieve this by highlighting your list and pressing Ctrl + T.

  3. Once you do this, you will see the Fuzzy Lookup Tool appear on the taskbar.

  4. Now, select which of the converted tables you want to compare.

  5. You will then see a pop-up asking you to select the Similarity Threshold you want for the comparison—a threshold of 0.85 isn’t so bad.