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Add a polygon to the Silverlight Bing Map

In this article we will be seeing how to add a polygon on top of the Silverlight Bing Map.

Refer this Article  for creating Silverlight Bing Map Control.


The MapPolygon class accepts a list of points that define its shape and location on the map.

MapPolygon class is used to represent a polygon on the map.

Namespace: Microsoft.Maps.MapControl

Assembly: Microsoft.Maps.MapControl (in microsoft.maps.mapcontrol.dll)

Create Silverlight application:

1. Open Visual Studio 2010.

2. Go to File => New => Project.

3. Select Silverlight Application from the installed templates Silverlight.

4. Enter the Name and click on Ok.

5. Click OK.

6. Go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Bing Maps Silverlight Control\V1\Libraries\ (Check the path where you have installed Bing Maps Silverlight Control).

7. Add the following assemblies to the project.

o Microsoft.Maps.MapControl.Common.dll o Microsoft.Maps.MapControl.dll

8. Replace MainPage.xaml with the following code

  1. <UserControl x:Class="SilverlightMapControl.MainPage"

  2. xmlns=""  

  3. xmlns:x=""  

  4. xmlns:d=""  

  5. xmlns:mc=""

  6. xmlns:map="clr-namespace:Microsoft.Maps.MapControl;assembly=Microsoft.Maps.MapControl" mc:Ignorable="d"

  7. d:DesignHeight="300" d:DesignWidth="400">

  8. <Grid x:Name="LayoutRoot" Background="White">

  9. <Grid.RowDefinitions>

  10. <RowDefinition Height="35" />

  11. <RowDefinition Height="*" />

  12. </Grid.RowDefinitions>

  13. <Button x:Name="btnCreatePolygon" Width="100" Height="25" Content="Create Polygon" HorizontalAlignment="Left" Tag="false" Click="btnCreatePolygon_Click">

  14. </Button>

  15. <map:Map x:Name="MapWithPolygon" CredentialsProvider="your key" Mode="Road"Grid.Row="1" Grid.ColumnSpan="2">

  16. </map:Map>

  17. </Grid>

  18. </UserControl>

9. Add the following in MainPage.xaml.cs.

  1. private void btnCreatePolygon_Click(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e)       

  2. {

  3. MapPolygon polygon = new MapPolygon();           

  4. polygon.Fill = newSystem.Windows.Media.SolidColorBrush(System.Windows.Media.Colors.Gray);           

  5. polygon.Stroke = newSystem.Windows.Media.SolidColorBrush(System.Windows.Media.Colors.Black);           

  6. polygon.StrokeThickness = 1;           

  7. polygon.Opacity = 0.7;           

  8. polygon.Locations = new LocationCollection() {

  9. new Location(15,-15),

  10. new Location(15,15),

  11. new Location(-15,15),

  12. new Location(-15,-15)};           

  13. MapWithPolygon.Children.Add(polygon);       

  14. }

10. Build the solution.

11. Hit F5.

12. The output looks like the following


Contains the altitude and coordinate values of a location on the map.


It is used to get or set the fill of the shape.


It is used to get or set the opacity of the shape.


It is used to get or set the stroke color of the shape.




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