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A milestone: One million downloads

Back when I was still in Windows product management/marketing, around the time when Windows Autopilot was first announced in June 2017, I was working with the team to try it out.  “All you need to do is register your device using the hardware hash.”  OK, how do you do that?  With no great answer to that question, I wrote the Get-WindowsAutopilotInfo script.  A few months later, in December 2017, that script was published to the PowerShell Gallery for everyone to use, and announced in a blog post on the Technet blog site (RIP, it’s barely able to display the original post now).

Here we are, about 2.5 years later, and that script has now been downloaded over one million times:

I took the opportunity this morning to publish a new version of that script that changed only one thing:  The description mentioned above.  (I got tired of people e-mailing and complaining that they had to manually add the Windows Product ID to the file because the script was no longer doing it.  You’re right, the script is no longer doing it because it’s not necessary and the value that was being added was garbage anyway – it wasn’t the “real” PKID that was associated with the digital product key in the firmware, it was instead the PKID of the VL key that was used to activate the OS.  That VL PKID is useless.  When registering a device, you really just need the hardware hash.)



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