A Generic Function to Update and Manipulate Object Arrays in TypeScript

While building my newest SaaS product, ReduxPlate, I realized a common pattern kept cropping up in my array manipulation functions. I was always updating a specific value at a specific key, based on a specific test on some other key.

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For example, for the editor widget on the ReduxPlate homepage, I use a stateful array of type IEditorSettings to determine which editor is currently active and what the actual code value is in the editor:

export default interface IEditorSetting {    
    fileLabel: string    
    code: string    
    isActive: boolean

Such behavior required me to write two event handlers:

onChangeCode for when the code changes:

const onChangeCode = (code: string) => 
    setEditorSettingsState(editorSettingsState.map(editorSetting => {    
        if (editorSetting.isActive) {         
                editorSetting.code = code    
    return editorSetting