7 coding tools that will maximize your effectiveness

When learning to code, developers-to-be are usually taught to code vanilla software. In the workplace, however, developers use many tools to speed up their coding. Common tasks like testing, running various scripts, and programming environment control are just a few examples of when an extra tool comes in handy.

The trouble is, there are many of these tools on the market, and it’s hard to know which are best. It often takes years of trial and error to discover which tools are the most helpful. To save you that effort, we asked some experienced developers about the tools that have helped them become better coders and maximize their efficiency on the job.

Today, we’ll look into these 7 tools:

  • I3 Window Manager

  • Vim

  • Bash

  • Functional programming

  • Reflect

  • Regex

  • RegExr

1. Linux I3 Window Manager

Developers have long used Linux for its flexibility and customization options. I3 furthers these options to provide near-complete control over your programming environment.

I3 is a lightweight open-source tiling window manager for Linux. Window managers are used to control the appearance and placement of windows on a screen. Tiling window managers take this a step further by automatically resizing and rearranging windows to always use the full-screen space without overlapping.

This tiling works over the top of your operating systems graphical user interface (GUI) to make changes directly.

Here are some ways I3 Window Manager (i3wm) stands out:

  • Lightweight: I3 is simple and efficient. It contains only essential functions without extra fluff and is specially designed for developers to use minimal processing power.

  • Keyboard Controlled: I3 has extensive keyboard shortcuts built-in for any desired behavior. You can also add additional shortcuts directly to your config file. You can move tiles, open the terminal, change layouts, and more, all without touching the mouse.

  • Total Screen Usage: By using tiling, I3 ensures you never have to search a pile of tabs for