5 tips to create a modern app UI

The meaning changes from person to person. So I spent an entire day looking at various examples of apps that we commonly perceive as modern, young, and cool. Apps like Airbnb, Coinbase, Robinhood, Uber, Swiggy, Headspace, Cocoon, Eventbrite, Public, Wise, and Google pay. I used Mobbin to look at these apps, in case you all wondering if I downloaded each and every one of them .

Looking at all these apps, it became evident that not everyone adopted some fancy design style like Cred’s Neumorphism to look modern. The things that made them look modern were quite simple. So simple that I was able to put it into 5 short tips .

1. Space Space Space

Be generous with your spacing. Line height, padding, margins, especially the horizontal margins. I’ve noticed innate fear designers have against adding extra space. Most time’s, the goal is to fit as much content as possible on the user’s viewport

More than 87% of India’s population own a device

that is taller than 720px.

This means there is plenty of vertical space to add more space. If you think you need an 8px margin, try 12px. Start larger and reduce it if you feel it is too much.

Spaced out Vs Cramped up

2. Invisible headers

Solid headers are soo 2010’s. The quickest way to make your app look modern is to strip away those solid-colored headers (different from background color). Instead, headers can slide in only to provide context or quick actions once the user scrolls down the page. This automatically adds the much-needed white space into your design, making it feel more breathable and less cluttered.

Eventbrite: The Header slides in with the text ‘Singapore’ on scroll. This tells users which page they are on and provides users easy access to ‘change’ location.

3. Flaunt them curves